WAS 300 Rettungswagen RTW Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Kastenwagen 3,88 T

The WAS 300 ambulance sets new standards concerning ergonomics, hygiene and patient handling. By using modern technologies as for example a 360° special warning light, an acoustic warning device, a compressor refrigerator, durable and lightweight furniture materials resistant to fi re and disinfectants, as well as a comfortable stretcher table, this vehicle defi nes the future generation. With a max. total weight of 3.88 to, the compact ambulance vehicle sets new standards for both patients and users.

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  • Roof hatch in the ceiling, also serving as an emergency exit
  • LED flashers as body flashers, intersection flashers, penetration flashers as well as on the 360° warning device
  • Electronic siren installed below the engine, at the front of the vehicle
  • Rear warning system with latest technology: integrated LED flashers with additional amber flashers
  • 3 independent AC systems each with an own compressor, for driver’s cab, for patient saloon and when the vehicle is shorelined
  • Solar fan functioning when the solar exposure hits the outside fan surface and the AC is off


  • WAS electro hydraulic table with WAS Multi-Load system:
    - Trendelenburg and anti-Trendelenburg position
    - Adjustable in height
    - Suspension mode
    - CPR mode
    - Lateral movement for an efficient use of space and an optimum patient treatment
    - Move-in assistance for a smooth and back-friendly loading of the patient
  • IV holder hooks integrated in the ceiling
  • A light and friendly interior equipment offers high comfort to the patient
  • High efficiency LED lighting including blue trauma light
  • WAS SanSafe system: Nebulising system with H2O2, hydrogen peroxide (perfectly safe in the event of Ebola, MERS, SARS, Lassa fever)
  • Computerised vehicle management based on CAN Bus
  • Central touch panel for the control of electro hydraulic table, AC system, warming system and lighting

Partition wall

  • Compartment for emergency bags with access from the outside and the inside, drawer in the upper section
  • Compartment with 5 drawers
  • High-quality working surface on all compartments
  • Doctor’s seat with three point belts, forward and backward movement. Additional 4 point child’s seat belt and ISOFIX
  • child restraint seat, integrated in the doctor’s seat
  • 7 ltr compressor refrigerator
  • Slide-out tray for small material
  • Drug’s compartment, lockable, and small overhead compartment

Left side wall

  • Two-part hanging locker
  • Rotating and foldable seat with three-point belt
  • High rear compartment to store scoop, spine board, carrying chair and other equipment, easily accessible from the outside. All items are fixed vibration-free
  • Storing space for medical equipment
  • Oxygen and power (12 V and 230 V) outlets
  • Grab rail
  • Intercom system, hand-free speaking with the driver

Right side wall

  • Rotating and foldable seat with three-point belt
  • Intercom system, hand-free speaking with the driver
  • Oxygen and power (12 V and 230 V) outlets
  • Incubator socket
  • High compartment for oxygen cylinders and further material in the rear section
  • Oxygen system with automatic change-over

Driver’s compartment

  • Centre console between driver’s and co-driver’s seat
  • Central operation touch panel for all necessary functions
  • Additional control panel for WAS SanSafe system
  • Additional control panels above the dashboard
  • Display of distance control systems
  • Rear view screen when operating the reverse gear

Special features

  • Electro-hydraulic ambulance table with WAS Multi-Load Assist system
  • WAS SanSafe: stationary nebulising unit providing a perfectly sterile patient compartment (additional vehicle cleaning process)
  • The complete vehicle conversion is made of organic-free materials: no defects in the material, no germ formation
  • With its special material and 3 independent air-conditioning units, the vehicle is perfectly adapted to hot countries
  • Aerodynamic base vehicle, in combination with a 6-cylinder-motor and an engine power of 258 hp, for perfect manoeuvring in any situation

Base vehicle

Model Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van
Type 324 KA 4 x 2
Engine power 190 kW / 258 hp
Gearbox Automatic transmission
Wheel base 3665 mm
Fuel Gasoline
Maximum total weight 3880 kg
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