WAS innovations for 2014: Reduced stress for patients and ambulance staff.

The goal is to design the patient compartment so that it is permanently stress-free for patients. WAS presents two innovations to achieve this.

WAS Multi-Load Assist – the entry assistance system for wheeled stretchers.

The WAS Multi-Load Assist entry assistance system has been developed to take the stress away from both patients and paramedics. Paramedics no longer have to struggle to lift the wheeled stretcher with the patient into the emergency ambulance. They wheel the stretcher to the loading position and couple the stretcher to the system to activate entry assistance. The special soft control pulls the wheeled stretcher slowly and smoothly onto the ambulance table. The stretcher is likewise secured to the table automatically and completely reliably. The term Multi-Load in the system name refers to another major advantage: WAS Multi-Load Assist is compatible with all conventional wheeled stretcher systems. WAS Multi-Load Assist can also be retrofitted for all Hydropuls Comfort ambulance tables. This WAS innovation means paramedics' backs are protected. For patients, it reduces the stress because they are transferred in the ambulance interior gently, quietly and smoothly.

WAS Door Assist – noise reduction system.

The new WAS Door Assist–System ensures all the doors in the WAS box body close quietly. Instead of simply slamming the doors shut, which produces corresponding noise, the paramedic guides the door to the first latch on the closing device. The door is then automatically pulled into the seals, quietly and without producing any vibrations. The doors are securely closed and cannot spring open again.


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