On 27th August, 3 Volkswagen Amarok off-road ambulances were presented to Mr Badraa, Governor of Mongolia's South Gobi province, in the city of Ulan Batoor.

The South Gobi province covers an area of 165,000 square metres (roughly half the size of Germany) and has just 58,000 inhabitants, 20,000 of whom live in the provincial capital of Dalanzadgad. One vehicle will be stationed in the capital, with another in both the west and the east of the province, which stretches over 550 km x 300 km.

The 4x4 ambulances have been prepared for the challenges ahead and their specific operating location; for example, they have been equipped with a sturdy underride guard and true off-road tyres. The ambulances have been specially fitted out with the harsh environment in mind, where there are no made roads and temperatures range from -40 degrees in winter to +35 degrees in summer.

Following detailed training, the vehicles were officially presented to the doctors and drivers in a small ceremony.

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