RETTmobil 2018: Giving the industry new impetus

At this year’s RETTmobil, we addressed the topics of safety and security for emergency service workers and what the future holds for the emergency services. Our exhibits included features that are new to the domestic market, but are already tried and tested in vehicles in other countries, with a definite focus on protecting emergency response crews against attacks. Protection against the highest categories of risk is provided through our collaborations with Senger RENT and Welp Armouring, with armour-plated ambulances being available to view on the stand of Senger Management GmbH/Senger RENT. We also helped to “jump start” new powertrain technologies for emergency services with the presentation of our own concept vehicle. The many interesting discussions with specialist and public visitors to our event stand confirmed that we hit home with our choice of topics. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank all our guests and partners for the inspirational dialogue and their enthusiastic support, and to remind you that we are already looking forward to the next RETTmobil event.

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