New ideas for the rescue sector

Innovative concepts for ambulances and patient transport vehicles

Always on the go for rescue: With our innovative concepts for ambulances and patient transport vehicles, we are taking advantage of technological advances to provide emergency services with safer, more efficient and more user-friendly emergency vehicles. We check technical innovations for their usefulness for the rescue sector and take them into account in the development of new rescue vehicle concepts. This means that new special vehicles are being created that strengthen emergency services and make emergency services more sustainable.

WAS 500 Electric Ambulance

E-mobility is gaining ground – because it is efficient, powerful and economical. An increasing number of emergency services are also recognising the advantages of sustainable drive technology. With our E-Ambulance we show that the electric drive is also an alternative for emergency vehicles with a higher weight of up to 5.5 t. Experience shows: E-mobility has arrived in the rescue sector!

WAS 500 Compact Box Ambulance

In the field of ambulances, more and more vehicles with a lightweight box have been used for years. The trend away from the fitout of a box vehicle to a basic vehicle with a box superstructure also offers many advantages in the field of ambulances: Weight saving, space saving and re-usability of the box superstructure are just a few of them.

WAS 300 Allrounder Ambulance

The WAS 300 Allrounder is a vehicle for patient transport and emergency rescue, featuring properties that render it particularly flexible.
The standard model allows a reliable basic service without economic compromises. Various optional equipment variants also enable cost-effective individual adaptation.

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