WAS 500 A+E TYPE B 3.5 T

The new Eco 3.5 t Dual Crew Ambulance operates with a GVW of 3500 kg, this aids with the recruitment of young paramedics as the C1 licence is no longer needed. The ambulance operates with 750 kg less weight than a UK national specification ambulance. This weight reduction delivers massive savings of up to 20 % on emissions and fuel consumption, according to our Millbrook independent testing. And this will deliver savings of approximately 2,500 tonnes of CO2 and £1.5 million in fuel savings per annum for a typical NHS front line fleet. We have achieved this without compromise as it includes a full set of equipment at 285 kg and space for five people at 90 kg, which exceeds the requirements of EN 1789 with a 825 kg payload.
This design has been achieved by using a lightweight aluminium semi monocoque construction paying attention to every component fitted to the vehicle. The ambulance body is mounted to a Fiat AL-KO chassis, this provides further weight savings compared to a standard OEM chassis. The AL-KO chassis also provides a wheelbase of 3460 mm which gives the vehicle an improved 11 m turning circle, the current national specification ambulance only has a 13 m turning circle.


Here is the data sheet available to download.



All windows available for integrated blinds or frosting/tinting options
4 LED scene lights
2 multifunctional air-dam mounted alley / puddle / blue lights
4 LED body flashing blues
Front and rear latest generation LED warning lights and lightbars
Multiple communications aerial layouts
Acoustic warning system, fully tested and noise compliant
100 W, speaker driver orientated to aid service and reduce risk of failure. Speaker horn positioned for maximum acoustic effect
LED vehicle tail lamps, side marker lights and clearance lights
Next generation red LED crash lights fitted to rear facing door edges
LED entry lighting
16 A automatic ejecting charging socket with LED charge indication

Entry systems and loading aids

Low floor body enables easy access to the vehicle while reducing the risk of injury and VOR times
Heavy duty WAS design, side sliding door
Heavy duty rear doors and hinges 50/50 split
Auto loading stretcher system to reduce muscular skeletal injuries, servicing costs and VOR


Increased internal width offers layout versatility, patient and operator comfort and an altogether more usable working area, 245mm more internal width than a Fiat van conversion
Saloon interior manufactured from a lightweight rigid PVC with high visibility edging, highly resistant to bacteria and disinfectant and free from organic material
Storage lockers for medical equipment to meet JR Calc and CEN requirements


6 dimmable LED lights for lighting the patient compartment, with optional trauma function
Spot-lighting above the patient
Multiple grab rails
Paramedic LED work light


Auto loading stretcher transfer system
High visibility one-piece non-slip flooring integrated with side wall and cupboard via resin bonding

Partition wall

Rear facing attendant’s jump seat for increased access
Housing for air conditioning
Lockable compartment for POM’s and drugs storage
Cabinet system to house response bags
Five draw system for medical consumables

Right side wall

Side wall with tested fixation points for medical equipment and operator functions
Storage for ZX and HX size cylinders
Wall houses CD size cylinder brackets
Easily accessible heater housing compartment with outlet
Four large equipment lockers with tinted Perspex doors
Three set consumable tilt bin system
Medical board storage with easy access

Left side wall

Forward facing attendant’s seat with three-point seat belt and the ability to swivel in the direction of the patient. Positioned ergonomically for optimum patient care and paramedic safety
Two large equipment lockers with tinted Perspex doors
Side wall fully tested for mounting of medical equipment

Driver’s compartment

Centre console for storage of PPE and documents
LED map lights

Box body

ModelWAS 500 3.5 Eco Modular Box
Internal dimensionsLength: 3225 mm
Width: 2045 mm
Height: 1980 mm
External dimensionsLength: 3295 mm
Width: 2130 mm
Height: 2185 mm
  • Side sliding door giving access to response bags (width: 1255 mm)
  • 50/50 heavy duty dual rear doors opening and lockable to 270° on both sides

    Special features

    Reducing CO2 emissions & fuel consumption by up to 20 %
    Driven on a ‘B’ licence
    825 kg payload
    Low floor easy access
    11 m turning circle
    Auto loading stretcher system
    WAS easy remount box system
    245 mm more internal width than a Fiat van conversion
    Heavy duty doors and hinges
    R66 tested body construction

    Base vehicle

    ModelFiat Ducato
    TypeLength: 3225 mm
    Width: 2045 mm
    Height: 1980 mm
    Gearbox Length: 3295 mm
    Width: 2130 mm
    Height: 2185 mm
    Type of vehicleBox body
    Wheel base3460 mm
    Fuel Diesel
    total weight
    3500 kg
    Licence categoryB
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