MCU, WAS 900

The command vehicle has been designed for the management and the coordination of the rescue team. The objective is to ensure the communication and documentation on-site. This can be either the management of the whole operation site or of just a section of it. The box body is divided into three sections. Section one comprises a communication compartment with all necessary information and communication equipment. Two working stations at the partition wall give access to the whole communication technology. Two 12" touch screens and four 19" flat screens offer comfortable working conditions. By the coupling with another vehicle, it is even possible to increase the modular capacity of the radio work stations. Section two is the office compartment which is separated from the communication compartment by a partition wall with a sliding door. So it is possible to have meetings without being distracted by background noises. The meeting compartment has been equipped with technical rack 19" with a multi-functional printer and all necessary hardware components. Section three accommodates the technical equipment and the radio mast. An aluminium framework has been installed to store technical equipment as well as material and storage boxes. For an easy removal of heavy equipment, a heavy-duty drawer is integrated in the aluminium rack.

Here is the data sheet available to download.



  • Exterior
  • Exterior of the box body is made from polyester coated aluminium
    Box body in low-weight aluminium sandwich construction
  • Rear step mounted on springs
  • Side-hinged doors 180°
    • with access to the radio mast
    • with access to the electronic technology and the loading technology
    • with access to the communication technology
  • Under-floor storage compartment
  • Lockable inspection flap for the passage of communication lines
  • Access flap at the right side wall, with inner flat screen 32", operational information can be transmitted to outward
  • 2 side-hinged access doors
  • Optical warning system in LED technology
  • LED alley lights
  • LED warning system front and rear
  • LED front flashers Sputnik SL
  • LED rear warning system
  • Rear lights in LED technology
  • Reverse camera
  • Awning extendable to 3 m


  • Hanging locker combination with 3 flaps in the partition wall of the office section
  • Large office compartment with permanently installed working table and seat benches with integrated storage compartments
  • High level lockers to accommodate folders or documents
  • 32" flat screen to transmit the information from the communication compartment into the office compartment
  • 2 working stations in the communication compartment with various storage compartments
  • Rack system, suitable for an individual lay-out to accommodate technical equipment
  • Radio mast 6 m, compressed air-operated
  • Roof hatch in both communication and office compartment
  • Auxiliary air heating for communication and office compartment
  • Roof air conditioning 230 V for each communication and office compartment
  • Converter 2000 VA
  • 230 V power supply during driving
  • Additional battery 1 x 140 Ah (with under-voltage protection)
  • LED internal lighting with integrated trauma light
  • Communication technology type Selectric IDECS
  • 19" rack to accommodate the communication technology
  • Accident recorder

Special features

  • Communication technology type Selectric IDECS
  • 19" rack to accommodate the communication technology
  • Communication door between the communication sector and the office sector
  • Access flap at the right side wall, with inside flat screen 32“
  • Tailgate

Base vehicle


Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

Type of vehicle

Box body

Engine power

140 kW / 190 hp





Wheel base

4325 mm

Maximum total weight

5000 kg

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