WAS E-Concept: E-Mobility for the Emergency Services

The topic of e-mobility for cars has been hot topic for a while. Technical developments continue to build up, influencing related technologies and even share prices. We have taken that as a signal that it’s high time to look into the suitability of new driveline technology for special vehicle builds and emergency service vehicles. With our E-Concept, we thoroughly address the issue of whether electric power is a suitable alternative for larger response vehicles with weights of up to five tonnes. This pilot project is not yet intended to develop a prototype that is ready for use; instead, it aims to move ideas forward and set processes in motion. We understand the theory, and we are now giving practical impetus to e-mobility for the emergency services.

Key performance characteristics of the E-Ambulance

E-ManagementBattery management system with display monitor
High efficiency synchronous motorapprox. 1150 Nm torque
Top Speed120 km/h
Nominal voltageca. 400 V
Battery charger22 kW
Heating6 kW output
Range120-200 km
Battery output87 kWh
Gross vehicle weight5 t


Here is the data sheet available to download.


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