• The box for ambulances and special vehicles is produced in a VacuTherm® process, which guarantees high strength and robustness with an thinner and lighter design. The lower weight of the lightweight box design increases the energey efficiency of the vehicle: Less weight means lower fuel consumption.
  • The box body achieves additional stability with a lower weight thanks to aluminium struts with reinforcement for mounting equipment. The stable rear portal furthermore strengthens the box structure and thus guarantees roll-over safety and crash safety.
  • With its optimum utilisation of space, the box provides just as much room for patients, paramedics and equipments as bulkier solutions but with a comparatively slim design. The WAS production methods with state-of-the-art technology and special materials enable a construction which is thinner overall and this also reduces the total weight.

Presice and individual

  • The industrial manufacture guarantees a uniform processing quality with low tolerances and a high level of precision. Follow-up orders of hatches or doors, for example, are produced with an exact fit.
  • Manufacture with CNC machines is extremely precise, with a maximum tolerance of just ± 2 mm over a machining length of 12 metres.
  • Because every box is produced in-plant, it is possible to respond individually and quickly to customer requests.

Robust und resistant

  • The PU insulation of the box enables the vehicle to be used in all climatic zones: the box is temperature-resistant from -30° to +120°C and is water-repellent and damp-resistant.
  • The 2K-Nano polyester coating replaces the painting of the box. It is extremely UV-resistant, abrasion-resistant and scratch-resistant, e.g. from branches. The coating makes the box corrosion-free.
  • The lotus effect prevents dirt and water from leaving their mark on the outer skin of the box. This is not just beneficial in terms of the vehicle's appearance but also reduces the maintenance required and the associated costs.
  • The floor of the box is composed of a 4-layer sandwich structure with reinforced PU insulation and a multi-layer, high-density, water-resistant base plate onto which the interior flooring is adhesively bonded. This 45-mm thick structure offers very good thermal and acoustic insulation and makes a significant contribution towards reducing the weight. In the interior, the box body is equipped with PVC flooring which is welded seamlessly, is non-slip and is resistant to disinfectants. It has the maximum wear resistance category in industrial-quality flooring. The PVC flooring can be selected in various colours. Underfloor protection can optionally be applied to provide additional insulating and stone chipping protection.

Sustainably tested, variously certified

  • The box body has successfully passed roll-over and crash testing.
  • The box body and its installed components and materials are fully recyclable.
  • On account of the special frame structure, the rear portal of the WAS box body is the exceptional, stabilising element.
  • According to the Millbrook test, a Fiat Ducato ambulance with box body consumes up to 6% less fuel than the same model of panel van. And lower fuel consumption also means lower emissions.
  • A box body can continue to be used on a new base vehicle. Compared to a panel van, a lighter box body not only reduces life cycle costs by 20%, but also offers 20% more space in the patient compartment.
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