Ambulance tables

  • The WAS ambulance tables are electro-hydraulic ambulance tables and are available in 2 versions. The Hydropuls Comfort is designed for continuous loads of up to 250 kg and peak loads of 280 kg and the Hydropuls Comfort XL is designed for continuous loads of up to 350 kg.
  • Trendelenburg/reverse-Trendelenburg position with variable intermediate stages > 15°.
  • Infinitely variable locking is possible at any height.
  • The loading height can be adjusted with a single touch of a button and the loading platform restored to the horizontal again.
  • The stretcher platform  can be moved to the left and right by 125 mm in multi-stage parallel lateral displacement.
  • Thanks to the weight-dependent shock absorption, the oscillation behaviour adapts to the weight of the patient.
  • A logic controller prevents incorrect operation and manual emergency mode is possible at any time.
  • The stretcher platform is very flat and in its lowest position stands approx. 210 mm above the floor of the vehicle.
  • The tray and the lateral displacement are mounted on ball bearings and are mounted in linear guides. If necessary, the layout of the patient compartment can therefore be changed and adjusted.
  • Entry assistance system: to relieve the ambulance personnel, WAS has developed Multi-Load Assist, a back-saving entry assistance system. The entry assistance system is designed for all conventional wheeled stretcher systems in used in Germany. After connecting the wheeled stretcher to the entry assistance system of the ambulance table, electric entry is activated and controlled. The patient is moved onto the ambulance table smoothly and without any shaking. The patient and medical staff are protected at the same time. The entry assistance system can be retrofitted for all WAS Hydraulic Comfort tables.

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WAS Ambulance tables

Comfortable and safe ambulance tables for both patients and safety crew.

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