WAS 500 4x4 Ford F350 Combination of Power and Detailed German Engineering.

The new WAS 500 4x4 ambulance sets new standards worldwide. When conditions demand a vehicle that can go almost anywhere while carrying a full set of front line equipment, the new WAS 500 4x4 is the vehicle of choice. The combination of raw power and detailed German engineering especially against the background of ergonomics, safety, hygiene and patient handling creates an unique ambulance vehicle on the basis of the EN 1789 standard and beyond. The base vehicle is the powerful Ford F350 chassis with an diesel engine that has 8 cylinders, a displacement of 6.7 litres and a 10 speed automatic transmission. The WAS box body is adapted aerodynamically to the base vehicle and is made from heavy duty aircraft-industry technology.

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  • Super hot country box body aluminium sandwich construction with extra polyester coating for keeping high visibility and avoiding dirt ingress
  • Wind deflector on the junction between base vehicle and box body for increasing aerodynamics
  • Rotating door on the right side with tinted window and integrated mechanical step
  • Latest LED scene lights and warning flashers all around for 360° high visibility
  • Two large rear entrance doors, to be opened for 270° for avoiding crashes in heavy traffic situations; doors also can stay open at 90° in narrow areas
  • Exterior compartment for oxygen cylinders on the rear left side
  • Exterior compartment for spine board, scoop stretcher and carrying chair
  • Rear view camera
  • Ford OEM AC system for drivers cab with own compressor; heavy duty AC system for patient saloon with own compressor completely separated from cab AC system
  • Solar fan, always in operation when the sun hits the outside fan surface and the AC system is not running; eliminates temperature peaks when the AC is not running or fails


  • Bright LED illumination including blue trauma light
  • Stationary oxygen system
  • CAN-bus based computerized vehicle management; telemetry and RFID technology optionally available
  • 230V sine wave converter
  • IV holder hooks, integrated in the ceiling
  • No dirt traps, all junctions sealed and no water ingress possible. All material in accordance with the EN 1789
  • Spacious interior furniture design including a doctor´s seat, a side seating bench and a foldable rotating side seat
  • Anti slip floor covering, made from heavy duty vinyl

Special features

  • The complete vehicle conversion is made from organic-free materials: no defects in the material, no germ formation
  • With its special material, box body construction and 2 independent air-conditioning units, the vehicle is perfectly adapted to hot countries
  • The single panels of the box body can easily be repaired.
  • The complete box body can be exchanged and put on to a new chassis. This increases the life time of an ambulance unit and reduces the costs
  • Aerodynamic and streamlined box body in combination with a strong 8-cylinder engine

Box body

  • Internal dimensions    
    - Length 3677 mm
    - Width 2086 mm
    - Height 1980 mm
  • Vehicle overall dimensions
    - Length 7300 mm
    - Width 2380 mm
    - Height 2950 mm

Base vehicle

Model Ford F350
Type Chassis with dual rear wheels and ambulance prepack
Engine Diesel
Engine power 1118 Nm / 330 hp
Transmission 10 speed automatic transmission
Wheel base 4292 mm
Maximum total weight 6350 kg
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