WAS 4x4 Off-road Ambulanz Toyota Land Cruiser Kofferaufbau 3,2 T

With the Toyota Land Cruiser WAS 4x4 EN1789 ambulance, we have developed a vehicle that remains efficient and operational even in structurally challenging areas. The standardised WAS „plug and play“ box body concept allows the greatest possible flexibility and is easy to repair, because spare parts for the Toyota Land Cruiser are available worldwide. Our local partners are trained to repair the WAS conversion so that vehicle downtime is minimised. Not only can individual panels of the box body be easily repaired, but the entire box body can be replaced and mounted on a new chassis. This increases the service life of the ambulance and reduces costs. A spare box can be held in stock by our local partners for fast exchange.

Here is the data sheet available to download.


  • Super hot country box body aluminium sandwich construction with extra nano polyester coating to keep the surface clean. The box body is according to EN1789 and ECE R66 Roll Over test
  • Stand alone box: in case of full loss of the base vehicle, the box body easily can be put onto a new Toyota Land Cruiser chassis
  • Lightweight box body, especially developed for off-road applications by being torsion-stiff
  • Latest LED scene lights and warning flashers all around for 360° high visibility
  • 2 grille and 2 intersection LED flashers
  • Two large rear entrance doors, to be opened by 270° to avoid crashes in heavy traffic situations. The doors also can stay open at 90° in narrow areas. Heavy duty hinges
  • Tinted window on the left side wall and right rear door
  • Heavy duty AC system
  • LED scene lights for illumination all around the ambulance
  • Spare wheel
  • Roof spoiler for aerodynamic driving behaviour
  • Reverse camera with LED monitor in the driver cabin
  • Snorkel, winch, metall slip sheet under the engine area


  • High patient comfort through light and friendly interior
  • Bright LED illumination including blue trauma light
  • Stationary oxygen system
  • IV holder hooks integrated in the ceiling
  • Space saving furniture design by Auto CAD pre-engineering
  • No dirt traps, all junctions are sealed so no water ingress is possible. Chosen material is in accordance with the EN1789. No organic material in the conversion and even not in the floor for hygienical reasons
  • Spacious interior furniture design including a side seating bench
  • Anti slip floor covering, made from heavy duty viny
  • Defined place for medical equipment: Action wall, scoop stretcher in the compartment under the seating bench
  • Window between patient compartment and drivers cab
  • Option: Water heater in the right rear

Special features

  • The complete vehicle conversion is according EN1789
  • All relay controls are simple and reliable, easy to service worldwide
  • The complete vehicle conversion is made from organic-free materials: no defects in the material, no germ formation, no fluid ingress into the floor and furniture, no funghi growth
  • With its special material, box body construction and 2 independent air-conditioning units, the vehicle is perfectly adapted to hot countries
  • The single panels of the box body can easily be repaired. The complete box body can be exchanged and put on to a new chassis. This increases the life time of the ambulance unit and reduces the costs

Box body

  • Internal dimensions    
    - Length 2325 mm
    - Width 1608 mm
    - Height 1580 mm
  • Vehicle overall dimensions
    - Length 5290 mm
    - Width 1686 mm
    - Height 2450 mm

Base vehicle

Model Toyota Land Cruiser 79 single cab pick-up, 3-seater (airbags, air conditioning, ABS)
Gearbox 5-speed, manual
Brakes Front disc, rear drum
Drive type 4x4
Suspension Front coil spring, rear leaf spring
Dimensions L: 5,280 mm, H: 2,400 mm, W: 1,790 mm
Wheelbase 3,180 mm, ground clearance: 235 mm
Unladen weight 2,140 kg
Gross vehicle weight 3,200 kg, payload: 1,060 kg
Seats 3-seater, material: vinyl
Engine Model 4.164 cc, Diesel (tank 90 + 90 l), 6 Cylinder, HP: 129, KW: 96, Cooling (water), Electric 12 Volt. The engine is also available as petrol engine
Number of doors* 2


* Specification is subject to availability of base vehicle in country of destination and options selected.

The medical equipment is an example and can be adapted to your requirement.

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