WAS 500 Rettungswagen RTW Volkswagen Crafter Kofferaufbau 4,3 T

The VW Crafter WAS 500 Euro-Lans ambulance presents all modern standards of the WAS brand combined with a highly ergonomic interior. The patient compartment offers best sanitary working conditions and enough space for a comfortable treatment of the patient. All required materials are not only stored functionally but are also within reach. Safety of emergency services personnel has the highest priority therefore the defibrillator and the main emergency case are mounted on a sled which can be pulled in direction of the paramedic. In this way the paramedic has all his attention for the patient without being forced to leave his seat. The ergonomic design with enclosed streamlined panels between cab and box body ensures optimum aerodynamics, thus optimising the vehicle’s fuel consumption.

Here is the data sheet available to download.


  • LED working lights
  • Special front and rear LED warning system, with Standby W3 bar
  • LED front flashers in white and blue, type Standby
  • LED flashers integrated in the side view mirrors
  • LED flashers integrated in the rear bumper
  • Warning system FSC 100 Composite, mounted behind grill
  • LED flasher blue/amber at the top of box body
  • LED flasher amber integrated in rear warning system the left and right side wall
  • Integrated rear LED warning system
  • Rear LED working lights
  • 360° camera system, type Brigade
  • Roof spoiler above driver’s cab
  • Fold-out side step, automatically trigged by entry door (mechanical powered)
  • Outside step at rear doors
  • Outside walls made of polyester-coated aluminium
  • LED entry lighting in all entrance areas
  • LED vehicle taillamps, side marker lights and clearance lights


  • Attendant seat on the partition wall, with seat heating and seat recognition
  • Storage for communication devices, equipped with an extendable tray
  • Special slidable carrying system for defibrillator and emergency bag
  • LED interior lighting with emergency light and blue trauma light
  • Two attendant seats with integrated seat heating and seat recognition, mounted on fully coated wheel houses
  • Roof storage compartment above bulkhead window, with integrated LED lighting
  • 2 air outlets at the left front cabinet
  • 4 oxygen outlets at the left front cabinet
  • Upper cabinet with transparent flaps
  • Working surface with integrated keyboard pull-out table
  • State of the art (Standby) control panel
  • Compartment for oxygen/kallinox cylinders, with additional storage above
  • Document holder positioned within reach of paramedic (left side)
  • Rail mounting system integrated in left side wall
  • Ceiling center with integrated infusion box, oxygen/kallinox outlets and radio speaker
  • Compatible with all current European stretcher systems
  • Automatic climate control for AC system and auxiliary heating
  • Oxygen outlets
  • 12 V outlets
  • 230 V outlets, with power supply during transport

Driver’s compartment

  • Centre console between driver’s and co-driver’s seat housing equipment and A4 documents
  • Large control panel with touch screen
  • Monitor for 360° camera system
  • Loading technology and 230 V inverter easy to access behind co-driver’s seat
  • 12 V CanBus system and 230 V central electric behind driver’s seat
  • Two Maglite charging cradles at front of centre console
  • Two universal helmet holders in the roof storage

Box body

Model Emergency ambulance type B or C
Interior Length: 3490 mm
Width: 1960 mm
Height: 1800 mm
Doors • Side hinged door on the right
• Rear double hinged doors
• All doors and compartments with central locking
Compartments • Large access compartment door, front right side
• Rear access compartment, right side, for large equipment like scoop stretcher etc.
• Compartment front left side for LUKAS or breathing bag

Vacuum mattress, fixation, carry chair, scoop stretcher, mini stretcher and bags are fixed and can easily be removed from vehicle
Compact and safe: oxygen-, air- and gas bottles inside


Special features

  • Hi-Tech CanBus technology
  • 360° camera system
  • Attendant seats with heating and seat recognition
  • Slidable carrying system for defibrillator and emergency bag
  • 230 V inverter with 1800 Watt
  • Fold-out side step, automatically trigged by entry door (mechanical powered)
  • Airsuspension for ergonomic loading of the patient

Base vehicle

Model Volkswagen Crafter 35
Vehicle type 2.0 TDI EU 6 BlueMotion
Engine power 130 kW/177 hp
Gear box Automatic transmission
Wheel base 3640 mm
Maximum GVW 4300 kg


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