Making progress. That's our story.

A germ-free interior
WAS makes paramedics strong – in matters of hygiene, too. Working closely with furniture experts, Wietmarschen sees the first ambulances built with an interior which have fittings that are water-resistant and resistant to disinfectants.

The stable platform position
WAS develops an ambulance table with hydraulic suspension which automatically adapts to the weight of the patient being transported. From now on, casualties and patients in a WAS special vehicle remain protected from the bumps in the road – on any surface and at any speed.

Quality with a system
WAS introduces the quality management system in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001. The certified criteria ensure consistently excellent quality of the WAS special vehicles and of the consultation, planning, design, etc. They help WAS assert itself as a market leader for special vehicles across Europe.

Crash tests for all
WAS subjects its entire vehicle range to crash tests in accordance with DIN EN 1789 – the only German manufacturer to do so. Testing all vehicle models provides occupants with the maximum protection possible in the event of an accident – and assures customers that they can rely on premium quality and maximum safety.

A box for ambulances
Using the technologies used in aeroplane construction, WAS launches the first box body for emergency ambulances on the market – using a method developed in-plant called WAS VacuTherm®. The result is a box body that complies with the strictest safety standards in Europe and  is still successful today.

More light
Safety on the roads increases – with powerful LED lamps for the warning system. First introduced for ambulances in Wietmarschen. Now standard in mass-produced vehicles from renowned car manufacturers.

Europe-wide safety
As enthusiasm grows for the quality coming from Wietmarschen, so too do the safety standards in WAS special-purpose vehicles. WAS enjoys international recognition – from independent institutes such as the VCA in England, UTAC in France and TÜV Rhineland in Germany.

Rolling on
Another step forward: The box constructions manufactured using the WAS VacuTherm® method pass the first ever roll-over test for box bodies. Certification according to DIN 13500/ECE R66 is a world first and further proof of the stability and reliability of our developments.

Approved by the highest authority
WAS is awarded the first and only Type Approval for ambulances in the whole of Germany. A WAS ambulance is approved by the highest authority in Germany according to EU Directives 2007/46/EC. Annual checking by the Federal Motor Transport Authority continues to ensure conformity with the directives.

Service plus
WAS offers maintenance modules, which put vehicle back on the road again within 48 hours – from checking and testing all the technology to full-service maintenance management. Made possible by one of the largest service divisions in the industry.

Assist Systems I
Noise Reduced Door Closing: WAS Door Assist
Move-In Assistance: Was Multi-Load Assist

Assist Systems II
Equipment Monitor with RFID: WAS Smart Check

Assist Systems III
Mobile Equipment Monitor with RFID: WAS Smart Check mobil

Driving safety training
Offered for the first time as a prize for a photo campaign, the driver safety training programme organised by WAS starts into production.

Safety First Customer magazine
The first issue of the WAS customer magazine "Safety First" is published at the RETTmobil event and is so well received by customers and partners that from now on a new issue is published every year.

WAS service in the UAE
From now on, the proven WAS ambulance service and repairs service for all makes and models are also available in the United Arab Emirates.

New safety features
WAS presents new safety features at the RETTmobil event. These include anti-penetration windows, wheel nut identification, patient compartment and rear view in the mirror monitor and integrated camera monitoring with the WAS PanicAid safety feature.

WAS surprises trade fair visitors at home and abroad with a concept for an e-ambulance - with great success: the following year Dubai and Vietnam order the first e-ambulances for prestigious events.

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