Our promise


WAS provides confidence and security:
for emergency crews, occupants and customers 

A vehicle that not only satisfies all the standards but is also operational and reliable at all times provides security. That applies in equal measure both to emergency ambulances and first response vehicles in the emergency services and to vehicles used by the police and the justice system. In order to be able to promise this security, we go a little further than industry standards require of us.


Quality (certificates)

Quality can't be bought.
You have to build it.

WAS quality standards place demands on the material and the employees – from development of an idea through to service for the finished product. Maintaining our high WAS quality throughout the production process and across different vehicle series requires continuous, seamless quality management.



Ergonomics in a special vehicle means reliability in everyday use.

A tailor-made special vehicle from WAS utilises the latest in  ergonomic deign. It meets all the legislative user requirements and also the special requirements of the emergency services crews. Our in house design specialists work to millimetre-perfect tolerances using technology and equipment to ensure that each vehicle is designed specifically to meet each customers’ specific requirements.



We invest time in efficiency.

At WAS, being efficient means: investing time at the beginning of the process so that no time is lost in production. Firstly, we discuss the project in detail with our customer, then  we drill down further to improve our understanding of the requirements by talking with ambulance crews, paramedics, drivers and patients. When all the facts are on the table, then we start work.


Environmental protection

A high standard ensures quality.
And the basic principles for our environment.

WAS produces special vehicles, which people trust with important responsibilities or with the lives of their occupants. So we know the importance of responsibility. Perhaps that's one reason why we have also introduced an environment management system in addition to our quality management system. It helps us to conduct our business in a sustainable and environmentally-friendly way throughout the entire production process.



WAS complies with regulations.
For us, compliance is more than just a word.

As an internationally active company, we want to see a level playing field for all participants and providers. That's why we are leading by example: together with a renowned, internationally active group of experts, we have developed a Compliance Management System (CMS). This system sets down mandatory rules for how to deal with customers, market participants and suppliers, which we adhere to. We are one of the few companies to go a step further, however, and have our CMS audited by an independent body: TÜV Rhineland attested with its certificate that our 2012 CMS was an effective and powerful directive for achieving this company objective.


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