• A variety of different furniture can be individually configured depending on the application.
  • The furniture is produced from integral foam sheets made from unplasticised PVC. The positive properties of this material provide the perfect conditions for installation in ambulances. It is stable and impact-resistant, light-fast, resistant to moisture, non-swelling, resistant to disinfectant agents, thermally insulating and soundproofing and easy to clean on account of its smooth, uniform surface. It is free of any organic material.
  • The edges of the furniture are extremely durable, are adhesively bonded without an end profile and are easy to clean.
  • Drawers and cupboards are secured with twist locks in accordance with DIN 1789 to prevent them from opening unintentionally.
  • In order to cope with all usage conditions, the drawers are generally heavy-duty.
  • Medication or equipment which is sensitive or which requires monitored storage can be safely stowed in lockable compartments or in the safe.
  • A vast range of different cupboard versions can be chosen: from apothecary cabinets to an integrated thermobox and fridges or a safe, anything is possible.
  • Because we produce all the furniture ourselves, it is also possible to develop and implement customised solutions to meet customer requirements for all our interior fittings.
  • All furniture is flame-retardant in accordance with DIN EN 1789 and can be fully recycled.
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