WAS has moved into its new plant

After 30 years of special vehicle construction in Wietmarschen and a construction phase lasting at least a year, WAS has now found and moved into its new home in Emsbüren.

Therefore, please take note and write down our new contact details:

Wietmarscher Ambulanz- und Sonderfahrzeug GmbH
Darwinstr. 11 - 48488 Emsbüren
Phone +49 5903 93201-100 - Fax +49 5903 93201-602
info@was-vehicles.com - www.was-vehicles.com

For quite some time we have been thinking about moving, because due to the enormous growth in the last few years, the space in Wietmarschen was simply no longer sufficient. Until recently, therefore, we had 4 manufacturing and logistics sites in the region. We have now concentrated all our production, logistics and administration on a single site once more, at our brand-new location in Emsbüren, right next to the A30/A31 motorway junction.

Our production and service workshop have already been working in the new halls since the summer, with other areas following successively. Now the administrative departments have also unpacked their last moving boxes and all colleagues are now at your disposal from their new workplaces. If there have been any hitches at any point due to the move, we apologise and thank you for your understanding.

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